How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last?

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If you’re tired of painful shaving, plucking, or waxing, laser hair removal is the solution you’re looking for. It will help remove unwanted body hair without razor burns, cuts, or long downtimes. Still, many interested clients often ask, how long does laser hair removal last?

In this post, we will discuss how laser hair removal works, how long it lasts, and how you can enjoy the benefits in Eau Claire. 

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal is a modern treatment that uses light beams to penetrate and neutralize hair follicles.

The laser beam is absorbed by the hair and converted into heat. This intense heat will destroy the follicles to prevent new hair growth.

Unlike waxing and tweezing, laser treatments offer longer-lasting results. It’s also less painful, and you’ll only need maintenance sessions once in a while after you complete the treatment plan.

For laser hair removal to work, sessions must be scheduled between weeks. It’s because laser treatments only target hairs on the anagen phase.

What’s the anagen phase, you ask? Human hair undergoes four growth stages: anagen, catagen, telogen, and exogen.

Anagen, being the first phase, is also called the ‘growing phase’. This is the point at which the laser hair treatment works best.

Only hairs that undergo the anagen phase will be neutralized by the laser hair removal procedure. Each hair strand stays in the anagen phase for around four weeks and up to 8 weeks in other areas.

This is why laser treatments are spaced out within weeks. It allows you to target all hairs entering the anagen phase at different paces.

Here are the areas commonly treated with laser hair removal:  

Take note that each area requires a specific number of sessions, depending on your hair color and hair thickness. 

Does laser hair removal last forever?

The results of laser hair removal don’t last forever. But still, the effects are much longer than regular waxing or shaving.

Many individuals who receive this treatment remain hair-free for up to 10 years. It can be shorter for others, but it will still take years before your laser-treated hair grows back.

And even if it does sprout back, the strands will be thinner than normal and can be easily treated with maintenance sessions.

Of all the hair in your body, those on your face are more likely to grow back after the treatment.

So how long does laser hair removal last on legs? With enough sessions, your legs can remain hair-free for around two years. It can be longer for those who are not naturally hairy.

Nevertheless, achieving permanent hair removal on other body parts is still possible with a customized treatment plan. 

Factors that affect the longevity of laser hair removal

Every person will have varying responses to laser hair removal treatments. This will dictate how long the results will last and how often they need maintenance appointments.

Most of the time, these factors affect how long the laser hair removal effects will last: 

Hair color

The efficacy of laser treatments largely depends on the color of your hair. Those with light hair colors like gray and blonde will be less responsive to this procedure.

As mentioned earlier, the laser beams are absorbed into the hair pigments. The beams won’t be absorbed or converted into heat if there are very limited pigments.

The result would be less hair removal and a higher chance of regrowth.

Still, laser hair treatments are safe for those with light-colored hair. The only downside is that they will need more sessions than those with darker strands. 

Hormonal imbalance

Another thing that will impact the longevity of laser hair removal is hormonal imbalances.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy or menopause could speed up the regrowth of laser-treated hair. In this case, the person may need further appointments.

However, expectant mothers should wait until their babies are born before undergoing this treatment.

In addition, hormonal imbalances can trigger a condition called hirsutism. It occurs when androgens (male hormones) become elevated among women.

Health condition

Your health condition can also increase the possibility of regrowth after finishing a laser hair removal treatment.

Those with PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome often suffer from excess body hair or hirsutism. It usually grows on the stomach, chest, back, and facial area.

Nevertheless, laser removal is an ideal and popular treatment for women with PCOS who want to eliminate unwanted body hair. While regrowth may still occur, it’s much fewer compared to the results of shaving or waxing.

Certain types of medicines

Several medications can also increase hair growth, which can potentially shorten the effects of laser hair removal.

Some of these are steroids, hormonal medications, testosterone, and androgen drugs.

You must inform the laser specialist if you’re taking any of these medications or other prescriptions. 


Genetics plays a crucial role in your hair growth patterns. This is why some people see better success in their laser hair removal treatment than others.

If your family has a history of hirsutism, you’re more likely to experience regrowth after finishing the treatment. The same goes for those predisposed to hormonal imbalances and naturally hairy.

In this case, you may need more sessions than others to achieve the desired results. Regular maintenance treatments are also necessary to keep up with your hair growth. 

Adherence to the treatment plan

Failure to follow your recommended treatment schedule will result in faster hair growth. Also, it will undo your initial laser treatment progress, which means you’ll have to start from the beginning.

So if you want to see ideal results, make sure you follow the treatment plan our specialist prepared for you.

Remember, each person is different, and so are their laser treatment needs. Just because your friend needed fewer sessions doesn’t mean it will be the same case with you. 

How many treatments for laser hair removal do I need?

Here’s one question we often get: with laser hair removal, how many sessions should I get?

In general, we recommend at least 6 to 8 sessions spaced in between weeks. This allows all your hair strands to enter the growth phase for effective results.

However, the exact number of sessions you need depends on various factors, which we discussed earlier. Remember that the number of your treatments will impact the total cost of laser hair removal.

There’s no one-size-fits-all laser treatment plan for everyone. For the best results, we customize the approach to every client based on their skin and hair profile.

If you want to know more about your needed laser treatment sessions, call us, and our specialist will have a consultation with you.

Can you shave after laser hair removal?

You should wait for at least 24 hours before shaving the treated area. Allow the redness and mild swelling to subside before resuming your usual skin routines.

After that, you can shave any remaining hair as you wait for further laser treatment schedules. These strands will be eliminated once you finish the entire treatment plan.

Remember, you should only shave. Don’t pluck, wax, or tweeze any of the hair because this is counterproductive for your laser treatment.

If you plan to shave before your laser appointment, do so at least 24 hours before you go to the clinic. This way, your skin won’t be sore, and you are less likely to develop irritations.

Take note that shaving is recommended before the treatment to increase the efficacy of the laser beams. If not, the overgrown hair will block the laser from being absorbed into the follicles and will target the upper layer of the skin instead. 

How to make leg hair removal effects last

While you can’t stop natural hair growth, there are ways to stretch the effects of your laser hair removal.

Here are some tips that you can try: 

Say goodbye to shaving; get laser hair removal today!

If you want to break free from painful waxing and razor burns, our laser hair removal in Eau Claire is the best solution.

Here at Eau Claire Body Care, we will remove all your unwanted body hair without the harsh feeling. Unlike shaving or waxing, our laser treatments have long-lasting results that you can enjoy for years.

Above all, our laser specialists are licensed and experienced for your peace of mind. We will also perform a thorough consultation before the treatment to create a personalized treatment plan that matches your desired results.

Book an appointment with us to see the difference! Boost your confidence and say goodbye to unwanted body hair! 

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