How does facial balancing with fillers works?

How does facial balancing with fillers works?

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For many, facial symmetry is equivalent to youthfulness, attractiveness, and even good health. This is why many of our clients request procedures to correct asymmetrical facial features, also known as facial balancing.
In this post, we will discuss how this works, what treatments are involved, and how you can get started. Read on to see how facial balancing can enhance your look. 

What causes facial asymmetry in the first place?

How does facial balancing with fillers works?
Before we get into the nitty-gritty of facial balancing with fillers, let’s first discuss what causes facial asymmetry.
Let’s clarify something: facial asymmetry is normal. It’s actually very common, and almost every person will have some degree of facial asymmetry. Some are just more obvious than others.
So what causes this? Genetics is the number one culprit, followed by aging and lifestyle choices. The likes of physical trauma, dental work, stroke, and Bell’s palsy can also alter the appearance of your face, leading to asymmetry.
Overall, if the facial asymmetry isn’t caused by a health problem, it doesn’t need any medical intervention. However, many people opt for various procedures to correct this asymmetry for cosmetic purposes.

What is facial balancing with fillers?

Facial fillers are one of the most popular medical spa services in the world. But aside from erasing wrinkles or plumping your lips, it’s also used for a procedure called facial balancing together with Botox.
This treatment follows the concept of the ‘golden ratio’ where the goal is to contour the face closer to ideal angles and proportions. To do this, a specialist will use various filler techniques for facial symmetry, such as injecting fillers to plump certain areas or Botox to relax specific muscles.
With facial balancing, professionals create a custom treatment plan with the optimal filler placement for balance. This is unlike the usual facial fillers in Eau Claire, where clients go for injections in isolated areas on their faces.

The process of facial balancing with fillers

So, how do fillers balance the face? Here are some of the procedures we often do to achieve our clients’ symmetrical look:
  • Jawline filler. Most of the time, our clients come to us to fix their asymmetrical jawlines. We do this by injecting controlled amounts of fillers into their jawline to make it appear sculpted and toned.
  • Lip filler. Another common facial asymmetry we encounter is uneven lips. For this, we use the best facial fillers in Eau Claire, WI, to temporarily correct the asymmetry and make the lips plumper.
  • Temple fillers. We can also inject fillers to restore the loss of volume in these areas, which may cause the face to look uneven or hollow.
  • Cheek fillers. As we age, we naturally lose volume on our cheeks, which may not happen evenly. This is why we always get asked about our cheek fillers price in Eau Claire – which, by the way, is very reasonable and has long-lasting results.
  • Laugh lines fillers. Laugh lines or nasolabial folds are the demarcation you’ll find between your lower face and cheeks. For some, this line isn’t symmetrical, which can be fixed with the use of fillers.
  • Chin fillers. Like the cheeks and lips, your chin will start to lose volume. For some, they develop ‘double chins’, which can be temporarily fixed with fillers. Aside from that, correct injections of fillers in these areas can also balance the lips and jawline altogether.
  • Take note that these are just some of the areas we treat with fillers for facial balancing. Overall, the exact procedure depends on each client’s facial structure and degree of asymmetry.

    If you want to know more about what to expect during our facial balancing treatment, feel free to contact us at Eau Claire Body Care.

    Benefits of facial balancing

    How does facial balancing with fillers works?
    Dermal fillers in Eau Claire bring a lot of benefits, especially for those who want to improve their asymmetrical facial structure. Aside from the physical appearance, this treatment actually delivers more than just the looks:

    1.  Improved confidence

    The main benefit of cosmetic injectables Eau Claire, whether or not for facial balancing, is the confidence boost it can give. Many of our clients who get this treatment feel more empowered in facing other people and flaunting their looks.

    2.  Better self-image

    Facial balancing also helps our clients build a better image of themselves. This makes them feel more confident, attractive, and comfortable in their own skin. Some even said that they have a better sense of self-worth after seeing the results of the treatment.

    3.  Minimal downtime

    Eau Claire facial rejuvenation and balancing has very minimal to zero downtime. Overall, you’ll experience mild swelling and bruising, which will go away in a matter of days without any medical intervention.
    For the most part, you can return to your usual activities after each treatment. Also, you can schedule each session during your lunch hour, so you don’t have to request a vacation from work just to get the procedure.

    4.  Reversible results

    Another good thing about facial balancing with fillers is that the results are reversible if you’re not happy with how it looks. Our professionals can dissolve the filler, or you can simply wait until it naturally fades away in about 3 to 6 months.
    This lower level of commitment makes it a good choice for those who are still testing the waters of cosmetic treatments. It also allows you to see who you’ll look like if you’re going to alter your facial structure.

    5.  More affordable than surgery

    Above all, using fillers for facial balancing is way more affordable than surgery. The cost of dermal fillers is just a fraction of the price of plastic surgery, not to mention that it’s non-invasive and easily available.

    Frequently asked questions about facial balancing

    How long do the results of facial balancing last?

    In general, the results of your facial balancing will last as long as the fillers used. This is about 3 to 6 months and up to 12 months for cheek fillers. But you can always get regular touch-ups to sustain your look, which requires fewer fillers than getting another full treatment.

    Can I combine fillers with other treatments for facial balancing?

    Yes, in fact, fillers and Botox are usually combined to achieve a symmetrical facial structure for many individuals. However, if you’re planning to combine multiple treatments, make sure that you get it from a licensed and established medical spa like Eau Claire Body Care.

    Who is a good candidate for facial balancing?

    Most of our Eau Claire aesthetics and fillers are safe for almost everyone. If you want to know if you’re a good fit for facial balancing, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

    Are there any side effects to facial balancing?

    Most of the side effects of filler-based facial balancing include mild swelling and bruising in the injection area. Your face may also feel a bit tender, which is normal and will subside in just a few days. However, if you start feeling something more intense than this, don’t hesitate to reach out to your provider.

    Trust Eau Claire Body Care for your non-surgical facial contouring!

    If you’re interested in facial balancing without the harsh side effects, Eau Claire Body Care would be a smart choice. We only use FDA-approved fillers and Botox in our treatments to ensure your safety and desired results.
    Aside from that, our team consists of registered nurses, medical doctors, and certified cosmetologists. Your skin and face will be in good hands when you trust us for your next facial treatment.
    If you want to know more about facial balancing or any of our treatments, don’t hesitate to give us a call. You can also book an appointment by filling out our website form. Reach out now to get the best facial fillers near Eau Claire and more!
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