Before Your Lip Transformation: Essential Facts About Lip Fillers You Should Know!

Before Your Lip Transformation: Essential Facts About Lip Fillers You Should Know!

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Are you dreaming of achieving the perfect pout without surgery? In that case, lip fillers might be the solution you’re looking for. This cosmetic procedure will enhance the appearance of your lips for a natural-looking plump.
But before you get lip fillers, it’s important to understand how the treatment works and what you can expect. This way, you can set realistic goals before making your first appointment. So, read on and see how fillers can transform your lips!

What to know about lip fillers before your treatment

Dermal fillers are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments. While we have the Kardashians to thank partly for this popularity, it’s important to set the right expectations before your appointment.
In that case, you should keep the following points in mind:

1.  Fillers aren’t the only solution for pouty lips.

Before Your Lip Transformation: Essential Facts About Lip Fillers You Should Know!
Smiling with lip injections might be the first thing to come to mind when you’re thinking of this facial enhancement. But if you want to try a less bold choice, you can consider Botox lip flip first.
With Botox lip flip, small doses of the substance are injected into the upper lip. This causes the lip muscles to relax, allowing the lips to ‘flip’ and have a fuller appearance.
Overall, this is a good choice if you want to start with a more subtle lip enhancement.
However, fillers are the best choice if you have thin lips and want to add more volume. If you’re still unsure, you can always call us at Eau Claire Body Care and we will help you choose between Botox vs. fillers for your desires results. 

2.  Lip fillers have short-term effects.

Lip filler appointments are short and so are the effects it could bring. On average, you’ll enjoy the benefits of lip fillers for 6 months or up to a year. After that, you’ll start noticing your lips returning to its original shape or size.
But fret not—you can always get touch-ups to maintain the appearance of your pouty lips. Getting follow-up injections will also reduce your need for lip fillers in the long run compared to a full refill.
So, how often should you get lip fillers? We recommend getting about 2 to 3 lip fillers in the first 6 to 12 months. After that, you can get touch-ups every 1 to 2 years.
Still, you should remember that this frequency still depends on how fast your body metabolizes the fillers. Some of our clients require more appointments as their body dissolves the filler faster than most.

3.  Lip fillers come in different types.

Lip filler is an umbrella term for various brands and types in the market. Each one is formulated specifically to achieve a certain result, depending on the look you’re aiming for.
For the most part, a medical spa center like us would offer any of these lip filler brands:
  • Juvederm. Juvederm lip fillers last for about 6 to 9 months. It also comes preloaded with lidocaine, a local anesthetic. These formulations come with the letters ‘XC’ on its label. It’s a good option if you want to minimize the discomfort of the injections.
  • Restylane. Restylane Kysse, Restylane-L, and Restylane Silk are used for lip augmentation. In some cases, we also use Restylane Refyne to achieve your desired pout.
  • Sculptra. This is a poly-l-lactic acid lip filler as opposed to hyaluronic acid (Restylane, Juvederm). It stimulates the body’s collagen production and provides a plumping effect. However, it’s a big slow-acting compared to other brands and may take weeks to fully settle.
  • Overall, our licensed aesthetician will help you choose the best lip filler brand and type based on the results you like. Feel free to call us or book an appointment with us to know more about this treatment!

    4.  The filler dosage varies.

    Before Your Lip Transformation: Essential Facts About Lip Fillers You Should Know!
    As we’ve mentioned earlier, the amount of lip fillers needed vary per person. Basically, we have to assess your desired results, your current lip volume, and other factors. We’ll do this during a one-on-one consultation in our med spa.
    So, how much lip filler should I expect to get? Here’s the usual dosage for most of our patients:
  • 0.5 ml – This is often the starting point for our clients who are looking for subtle lip enhancements. It’s also our recommended dose if you want to test the waters first. However, 0.5 ml lip fillers on thin lips won’t produce much effect.
  • 1 ml – This gives a more obvious result compared to 1/2 ml lip filler before and after. It’s also the safest dose for most of our clients who call us for lip augmentation.
  • 2 ml – If you have very thin lips and want a major boost, 2ml of lip filler might do it for you. But can you get 2 syringes of lip filler at once? Yes, but in some cases, we will recommend getting one syringe at a time, depending on our assessment.
  • 5.  Minor side effects are normal.

    Is your newly filled lips bruising, bumpy, or swollen? Don’t panic! These side effects are normal and will resolve on their own in just a few days.
    One time, one of our clients called us and said “I feel lip filler bumps when I smile!” This is a normal reaction and we assure you that the lumps will settle naturally on its own. We can also recommend some gentle lip massages a week after the injection to even out any lumps or bumps.
    Can you smile after lip fillers? Smiling with lip fillers is totally okay as long as you don’t put too much pressure on your kissers. Other facial expressions, such as frowning or laughing, won’t hurt your lip filler results.
    But can you drink coffee after lip fillers? We discourage drinking any caffeinated beverage within 24 hours after the procedure. Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor, which means it narrows the blood vessels and restricts blood flow. This is not good when your lips are recovering from the injections. 
    Lastly, you should expect sagging lips after the filler wears off. You can always restore your lip filler smile with an appointment at our medical spa.

    6.  You should avoid copying celebrities.

    Do you envy the famous pouts of Kylie Jenner or Megan Fox? While it’s totally fine to get inspiration from celebrities, you shouldn’t try to copy their looks as it is.
    Why, you ask? Well, we always want to provide you with lip fillers that conform to your facial features. We also perform facial balancing to ensure that your lips will look natural after the treatment.
    Remember: your beauty is as unique as you are.
    So, if you want lip fillers that complement your face, call us at Eau Claire Body Care to schedule a quick consultation. We can take inspiration from your favorite celebrity’s look and transform it into something that suits you best.

    7.  You need an expert injector.

    Choosing the right dermal filler provider makes a world of difference in the results you’re going to get. It’s important to get your injections from licensed, experienced, and reputable injectors in Eau Claire.
    Take note that cheap fillers offered at salons have a high risk of causing complications. There are some clients who come to us asking for help to fix their botched filler job, which is something we don’t want to happen to you.
    In that case, you should always check the injector’s credentials and always ask for a consultation before the procedure. Above all, you should shop around to get the best price for your lip fillers.

    Looking for an expert lip filler injector in Eau Claire?

    If you’re looking for a licensed and expert lip filler, Eau Claire Body Care is the top choice in the area. Only certified injectors will work on your lips for the best results and your peace of mind.
    Above all, we never overfill. We always create a custom treatment plan for our clients, and we draw out the injection sites. This way, they will know where the needle goes and why.
    So, if you want to achieve pouty lips safely, contact us at Eau Claire Body Care today!
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