How Long Does Permanent Makeup Last?

How Long Does Permanent Makeup Last?

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What is permanent makeup? Permanent makeup is a form of semi-permanent tattooing that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It involves the application of pigments to the skin, allowing for enhanced facial features and a more natural-looking makeup look.

You may also be asking, “How long does permanent makeup for eyebrows last?” Also, “Why is it important to know the longevity of permanent makeup treatments?”

Also, is it worth the investment? The answers to these questions can help you make an informed decision. Let’s discover whether permanent makeup is the right option for you. 

How long does permanent foundation makeup last?

Permanent foundation makeup can last up to five years – or even longer! This is because permanent makeup is designed to be long-lasting and fade gradually over time. Depending on your lifestyle, skin type, and the skill of your technician, it can last anywhere from one to five years.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you won’t need touch-ups or occasional maintenance. After all, it is still makeup, and the color will eventually fade. 

For a consistent look, book a top-up or refresher appointment after about six months to a year. This will help maintain the vibrancy and natural look of your makeup. 

How long does permanent eyebrow makeup last?

How long do permanent eyebrows last? Permanent eyebrow makeup, also known as microblading, lasts from one to three years. Its longevity largely depends on your skin type. People with oily skin may need to get their eyebrow makeup touched up more often than those with dry skin. 

The quality of the permanent makeup will also affect how long it lasts. Make sure your artist is experienced and uses high-quality products. 

How long does permanent lip makeup last?

Also known as lip blushing, its results can also last between one and three years. The length of time it lasts is dependent on a range of factors. This includes the amount applied, the type of color used, and how your body metabolizes pigment. 

The good news is that lip blushing is semi-permanent in nature. So, you can always opt to have it refreshed should you choose to. 

How long does permanent eyeliner last?

Permanent eyeliner is designed to last for up to three or five years, depending on how well you care for it. However, it’s recommended that you get a touch-up every two years. This way, your eyeliner will look fresh and vibrant for the duration of its life. 

When does permanent makeup fading happen?

Although it’s called permanent makeup, it’s actually semi-permanent. As such, fading and color changes are expected to occur over time. It’s important to note that the fading or color changes of permanent makeup happen naturally. 

Causes of fading

These are potential causes of fading: 

Natural fading due to aging and skin renewal

The pigments used in permanent makeup will eventually fade as your skin naturally ages and renews itself. This process can take anywhere from a few months to a few years. It depends on the particular treatment you had done. Your skin care regimen and maintenance after the procedure also affect its longevity.

Exposure to sun and UV light

Permanent makeup can fade over time due to exposure to the sun and UV light. This is especially true for lighter colors like pink, yellow, or white. They are more easily affected by the sun’s rays. 

To prevent fading, it’s important to apply sunscreen on a daily basis when outside. Make sure to wear protective clothing as well, such as hats or sunglasses, when possible. 

Use of certain skincare products or treatments

The type of skin care products or treatments you use on your face is a key factor in longevity. Many lotions, creams, and oils contain ingredients that are known to accelerate pigment breakdown. This includes alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids, and retinol. 

Additionally, chemical peels and laser treatments can also cause fading in permanent makeup. For this reason, it’s important to avoid using any harsh chemicals or exfoliants on your face. These could affect the longevity of your permanent makeup. 

Poor aftercare or maintenance

Another main cause of fading is poor aftercare or maintenance. Aftercare involves following the instructions from your technician. 

This includes avoiding direct sunlight and using special creams and balms for protecting the area. You must also visit a specialist for touch-ups every so often. If not followed, permanent makeup can start to break down faster than expected. 

Signs to look out for

Four signs to look out for to prevent permanent makeup fading: 

Loss of color saturation or vibrancy

The loss of vibrancy and color saturation is one of the first signs that permanent makeup is fading. Visible fading can occur within the first few months after the procedure. 

Moreover, it can continue over time. It is important to remember that different skin types absorb pigment differently. Everyone’s body chemistry is different, which affects the result’s longevity. 


Patchiness is another sign that permanent makeup is beginning to fade. This starts off as the lightening of certain areas, which may appear more noticeable in comparison to other parts. As time goes on, you may start noticing uneven patches of color. This can be a sign that permanent makeup needs to be touched up.  

Irregular lines or shapes

Permanent makeup, when done correctly, should look crisp and clean. Over time, it can start to fade or blur as the pigment breaks down in the skin. You may notice irregular lines or shapes developing around the area where it was applied. 

This could be a sign that the pigments are breaking down. It can be caused by factors such as sun exposure, age, and lifestyle habits. 

Discoloration or gray/blue undertones

Some permanent makeup treatments can begin to fade or discolor from the original shade. This usually happens within a few months. 

The most common signs of fading are gray or blue undertones appearing in the pigmentation. This is caused by an insufficient amount of pigment being injected into the skin. This causes it to become more transparent and show underlying tones. 

Benefits of permanent makeup

First, let’s go over the benefits of permanent makeup, such as: 

Saves time and money in the long run

More and more people are turning to permanent makeup for convenience and beauty. In fact, the market has an expected worth of more than $4 billion by 2028

The main appeal of permanent makeup is that it saves time and money. Have you ever felt the hassle of reapplying makeup daily? Well, you can enjoy a beautiful look without the hassle.

Permanent makeup also requires less frequent touchups than traditional cosmetic methods. This allows you to maintain your look for longer periods of time with fewer visits to the salon.

Provides a natural and effortless look

This can also help you achieve a look that is tailored to your individual needs. Permanent makeup is done by professionals. They know how to create a look that is natural and subtle, while still providing the desired effect. 

Helps people with allergies or sensitivities to traditional makeup

Unlike conventional cosmetics, permanent makeup won’t clog pores and can last much longer with minimal maintenance. This makes it perfect for those with sensitive skin, as the pigment remains intact even when exposed to water or sweat. It also does trigger an allergic reaction. 

Covers scars and imperfections

Permanent makeup is perfect for covering up birthmarks, acne scars, or any other areas of discoloration that you don’t want visible. It lasts for years, so it’s ideal for those who want to look their best all day, every day. 

Boosts confidence and self-esteem

Permanent makeup can help you feel more beautiful without needing to worry about having to apply it every day. Pair it with anti-aging treatments, like Botox and microneedling. This way, you can achieve a more youthful and vibrant look that will last for months. 

Types of permanent makeup

There are different types of permanent makeup available. Here are the top four:


It is often used to fill in sparse areas, reshape the arch, and even enhance the color of existing brows. Permanent eyebrow makeup is ideal for those with thinning brows due to age, illness, or genetics. It can give the look of natural eyebrow hairs. 


Permanent makeup for lips involves using a specialized needle to deposit colored pigment into the deeper layers of the skin. With this, you can define and color your lips. You can also create the illusion of fuller lips and even add a natural blush to them.  


You can achieve that perfect cat eye or winged look without the hassle of daily application with permanent eyeliner tattoos. This type of makeup is applied to your upper and lower lash lines. It can be shaped to fit your desired look.  


What is permanent foundation makeup? Semi permanent foundation makeup helps achieve a smooth and even complexion. It does this by filling in wrinkles, concealing blemishes, and providing coverage for uneven skin tones. BB glow treatment is a great option for those who can’t be bothered with the daily regimen of applying BB cream. 


What is semi permanent makeup?

Semi permanent makeup is a procedure where pigment is injected into the skin’s dermis layer to create a cosmetic tattoo effect. Permanent makeup is actually semi permanent makeup since the pigment wears off over time.

This cosmetic procedure can be used for a variety of cosmetic purposes, including eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner, and full lip color. It can also be used to camouflage scars, birthmarks, and other skin discolorations. It’s different, however, from traditional tattoos. 

Is eyebrow permanent makeup safe?

Yes, when performed by a trained and certified professional, permanent makeup is generally safe. The materials used in permanent makeup are FDA-approved. Plus, the procedures have been studied for decades.

You should always ask permanent makeup professionals about their qualifications, certifications, and experience to ensure you are in good hands. Additionally, make sure the facility where you receive your permanent makeup is clean and sterile.

Check reviews as well to get an idea of how other clients rate their experience with the permanent makeup provider. You can also ask for before and after photos of the provider’s past work. This will help you get a better idea of the quality of results that you can expect. 

What major difference can I see with permanent eye makeup before and after?

Permanent eye makeup can make a dramatic difference in how you look. For eye makeup, you will have thicker, darker eyeliner. Your lashes will also appear fuller and longer immediately after application. For eyebrows, you will have bolder, more defined brows that do not require daily maintenance.

You can also get blemish-free and smooth skin with permanent makeup.

This can help cover up wrinkles, scars, or other skin irregularities.
Enjoy fuller and more defined lips with permanent lip color. You can also have your lips lined or shaded to get a more natural look. 

What does permanent eyeliner look like after 5 years?

Permanent eyeliner won’t disappear completely even after five years. It will look faded and softened compared to when it was first applied, though. 

Nonetheless, you can expect it to still look natural and beautiful after that time. It will just look like discreet eye makeup. This can even help you achieve a more natural “woke-up-like-this” look. 

Can I shower after permanent makeup?

Yes, you can shower after permanent makeup. However, it is important to avoid getting your face wet for at least 24 hours. 

Use a gentle cleanser when washing the area. Steam can also interfere with the healing process. It is best to avoid saunas and hot tubs for at least a week. 

A long-lasting solution for effortless beauty

Permanent makeup is a great way to save time and ensure that you always look your best. With proper care, the results of permanent makeup can last for years. It can give you the same confidence and convenience as more traditional beauty solutions.

As with any cosmetic procedure, it’s best to work with licensed professionals. At Eau Claire, our team of licensed makeup technicians will give you the look you want safely and beautifully. 

Book an appointment today! and wake up daily feeling beautiful and confident.

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